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Various interviews at Radio Monocle 24

Various interviews at Radio Monocle 24

 Braziliarty was invited in several occasions to talk about Brazilian arts and culture and to talk about Braziliarty’s projects.


Brazil: head of culture for the Brazilian Embassy in the UK Helena Gasparian joins arts representative Alicia Bastos for a discussion on Brazil’s cultural reach in April 2012.


With the Rio Carnival kicking off in Brazil this Friday, we invited Brazilian culture and music specialists Alicia Bastos and Fabio Terranova (DJ Limao) to join Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco in the studio for a lesson on the history of the event’s soundtrack.


With the Olympic Games kicking off in Rio,  Alicia Bastos joins Robert Bound for The Monocle Weekly show in August 2016 commenting about Brazil’s arts and culture and the celebrations around the event.

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