Braziliarty offers you the chance to experience the arts and culture of Brazil in Brazil. If you are an art collector, curator, museum professional, gallery owner, artist or an academic that feels the urge to discover Brazil in a deeper and richer way, Braziliarty is now bringing the world to Brazil, introducing the arts and culture with an immersive experience, fully supported and guided yet, with the privacy and freedom that every explorer needs.

Braziliarty aims to make your experience Brazil in a unique way, to provide content and connections that can be useful for your personal life or your business, amplifying your perspective about this incredibly culturally rich country.

  • Personal and group tailor-made route designs
  • Travel guides in several languages
  • Curator researcher and guide in several languages
  • Discover Brazilian cultural events & rituals
  • Introduction to artists and studio visits
  • Academic meetings arrangements
  • Experience art events and organisations around the country
  • Stay in exquisite locations or be hosted by Brazilians


Alicia Bastos is the Director of Braziliarty and assumed globetrotter. Alicia has travelled over 30 countries and 157 cities to experience culture, having lived in four different countries. Backpacking or resort popping, Alicia has accumulated much knowledge in different travel styles, working with all sizes of budgets and different intentions.

Alicia’s Brazilian artistic network is vast and exciting, and can reach some incredible key people in the Brazilian creative scene in visual arts, cinema, TV, theatre, dance, performance, literature, fashion, music and gastronomy. Moreover, Alicia has travelled the five regions of Brazil, being at the key art events and organisations.

“My intention now is to reverse what Braziliarty has been doing during these eight years in Europe, bringing key players in the arts and culture international scene to Brazil. The intention is to create a trip that will fill in their desires of experiencing Brazil and their needs to discover and connect with the Brazilian arts and culture networks.”

How does it work?

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