‘I am Braziliality’ Festival – 3rd Anniversary

Download the catalogue of the event here. Exhibition: 29th July – 27th August 2011 At Forman’s smokehouse Gallery Address: Stour Road – Fish Island – Hackney Wick – E3 2Nt London I am Braziliality showcases the work of over 40 artists and projects exploring critical aspects and aggregated meanings of the Brazilian cultural roots of artists living around the world. The show is about art from and of the streets, bringing... Read More

Hugo Palotto: Bittersweet

Doce Amargo. (Bittersweet) Doce Amargo is a photography project, which aims to document the land and the life of those who have helped Brazil to be a world leading in sugarcane production. Sugarcane production in Brazil is dated back to 1532. Since then it has always played a very important role in the Brazilian Economy and Culture, helping the country develop since it arrival. Also within Doce Amargo is possible to see the work of one of the greatest... Read More

Adrian Santana Gaarder

Adrian Johan Santana Gaarder, known within Capoeira as Querido de Deus, is a craftsman, artist, musician, and Capoeirista. He studied furniture-making, design and restoration at the Chippendale International School of Furniture, and after graduating in 2009, opened his own workshop in London. As a student of Mestre Poncianinho, he has become extremely passionate about the music of Capoeira, and the rhythms of the Berimbau. Through this interest... Read More

Irineu Nogueira

In this Braziliality event we show Irineu photographed by Azul Serra, a video of his dance work and a live performance. Also with the music producer Guga live participation from Brazil, Braziliality do the launch of the album Xire Reverb. Irineus’ biography One of Brazil’s most talented choreographers and teachers in Afro-Brazilian Dance and Samba, Irineu was born in São Luís, in the state of Maranhão, in the north of Brazil. A pioneer... Read More

Azul Serra: Irreversible

It is more common for Brazilians to leave Brazil and go abroad to seek a better way of life. Bernard Rangel, artist and adventurer did the opposite. The world is facing a moment of intense change. Old rules can’t be applied anymore on our Civilization. New communication tools are allowing people to express, to manifest, and to connect their selves. The Era of hidden crimes and no man’s land is ending. The Arabic Pro Democracy Uprisings, like... Read More

Bernard Rangel: The New Way

He spent 24 years living in Brazil and found a better way of life there. Born in Aden, South Yemen, and educated in Ireland he set off to sea and worked in off-shore oil exploration. From there he lived in West Berlin and then Hong Kong and later in Switzerland to become a hotel manager. In 1985 he arrived in Brazil. As a self taught professional artist from the age of 15 Bernard has experimented with the different mediums developing a creative... Read More