Karin Janssen

Karin Janssen is a Dutch visual artist. Since 2009 she has lived and worked in London, where she runs Karin Janssen Project Space in East London. In her own words she enjoys playing with the fine line of when beautiful becomes ugly, but especially when the repulsiv e becomes attractive. She uses her own face as a starting point which adds a certain intimacy; but she never makes self-portraits. With its enormous dimensions, her work is capable of immersing... Read More

‘I am Braziliality’ Festival – 3rd Anniversary

Download the catalogue of the event here. Exhibition: 29th July – 27th August 2011 At Forman’s smokehouse Gallery Address: Stour Road – Fish Island – Hackney Wick – E3 2Nt London I am Braziliality showcases the work of over 40 artists and projects exploring critical aspects and aggregated meanings of the Brazilian cultural roots of artists living around the world. The show is about art from and of the streets, bringing... Read More