SEE••DS presents Véio and a day of Brazilian art

We are delighted to invite you to the Brazilian Culture Open Day at SEE••DS in partnership with Braziliarty and the Cultural Section of the Brazilian Embassy, promoting Brazilian Culture through Véio’s work, showing for the first time in London. Please join us on Saturday 5 March, to discover a show by the Brazilian artist: Cícero Alves Dos Santos, known as Véio, who had an auxiliary exhibition at the last Venice Biennale . the exhibition... Read More

A guide to understand the indigenous issues in Brazil

Published by Brasil Observer  Read More


This is a story of a rocket pocket size drag queen wannabe, a character created to discuss and raise awareness about a few fundamental global issues. Tupiniqueen is a homage and been inspired by the name of the Brazilian indigenous people  ’Tupiniquim’ who are still existent and were one of the first people to meet the Portugueses when they first arrived in Brazil. Tupiniquim in colloquial portuguese, also means national, sometimes in... Read More

Latin American Art and its Multiplicity. A review of the exhibition Conscientia by Rafaela Mendes Ferreira

‘Conscientia: Latin American Consciousness’ takes over the entirety of the Lloyds Club, a Grade II listed building with artworks that range from the 18th century to contemporary production. Curators Lavínia Freitas and Alicia Bastos embraced the challenge of displaying pieces within a wide time-frame in an accordingly emblematic building, with a selection that is underpinned by three main realms: spiritual, rational and emotional. These conceptual... Read More

Alicia Bastos review: Turfed, rescuing the social values in football

“One thing is to have an amazing idea, the other is how you make that happen” said Turfed Director Brazilian Renato Rocha as he welcomes me at the Hackney Downs’ door. Some of the challenges of Brazilian’s development have been brought to this 10 months long production. Renato travelled Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya with the Street Children World Cup team, which gave him a broader understating of the life of children on the streets. Photo by Ellie... Read More

Conscientia, Latin American Consciousness

“The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness.” (Emile Durkheim) Art at Lloyds’ presents Conscientia: Latin American Consciousness, a group exhibition of colonial and contemporary painting and sculpture in the distinguished Lloyds Club in London, curated by Art at Lloyds’ Programme Manager Lavínia... Read More

Reflections on the 55th Venice Biennale and Brazil at it

Going to the Venice Biennale for the first time is an experience that requires more than to read as much as you can before, speak to people who have been, plan at least five days in Venice, pack comfortable shoes and stylish wear. After reading a few but particularly one specialised magazine issue about this year’s Biennale, I felt slightly apprehensive. Reading that if I “want to see something new I should better go to Montevideo…” made... Read More

Brazilian Presence at Frieze Art Fair week and in London 2013

This year, like never before, Brazil’s presence at the Frieze art week in London was solid and influential. Frieze Art Fair, one of the largest contemporary fairs in the world attract not only high profile collectors, curators and head of institutions on top of the public, it also attracts other art events and fairs to happen during the same week, turning London into an art capital of the world for a week. Brazil is hot topic in several aspects... Read More

Interview: Theater Director Renato Rocha

Nothing like a hot Sunday afternoon, a cold beer and an open terrace in the heart of Camden as a setting to interview Renato Rocha. The Actor and Theater Director is working in town this summer, acting in BufoMecanica’s piece for the Shakespeare Festival: Two Roses for Richard III, and as Artistic Director of Dark Side of Love in production at the Roundhouse. Renato is what we call ‘menino do Rio’ (Rio’s boy); carrying a great smile on his... Read More

Interview: Galpao 30 years anniversary

I arrived at the Globe on the Friday afternoon on time to see Galpao’s truck delivering the costumes and props through the backstage door. The adventure of finding them took me into a journey inside Globe’s staff members. I ended by  meeting the festival’s Director Tom Bird. He was really pleased to have Galpao back  and he was the one who took me, in person, to the technical team of the troupe . I finally arrived at the rehearsal room, tip... Read More

Alicia Bastos review: Grupo Galpao’s Romeo and Juliet

Grupo Galpao’s version of Romeo and Juliet has already been enchanting the world for 20 years. It was first put together by the Group back in Brazil and presented in the historical city of Ouro Preto. Since then, the play travelled  across the country and the world, playing over 270 times until 2003, coming to London, to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in 2000. To celebrate the Shakespeare Globe to Globe Festival and represent Brazil, there... Read More