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What can we do

With a decade of experience, Braziliarty offer several skills, resources and contacts. Our ethos is to be flexible, transparent and work in collaboration thinking out of the box and in depth. We love what we do.


Brazilian specialised curatorial services and event programming for a different range of events, public, private, corporate and institutional.

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Braziliarty was commissioned to curate and programme events at the Late at V&A Museum creating an installation inspired on a Brazilian folk dance and a live soap opera where the audience interacted being the actors of a story about Victoria & Albert going to Brazil at the beginning of the 1800’s to meet our Emperor who was a kid at the time.

At Lates at Science Museum, we curated 9 learning activities from health to the alchemy of cachaça, Brazilian electronic music and research in the Amazon. At the Horniman Museum, we contributed with three street artists for their Festival of Brazil in 2016. We brought the renowned band Metá Metá to plat at Trafalgar Square in the Brazil Day in 206. These are a few of our programming ideas in some great venues.

We have also collaborated to curate and produce the cultural programme of Comida Fest in 2016 and have supported them in 2017. Get the colours and the originality of Brazilian artists in your programmes.


1-2-1 consultancy sessions to support artists at any stage of their careers. We place artists where their art will be appreciated the most.

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For many years our team has worked with artists on supporting them with steps for their career development. Either in strategy, positioning, managing, marketing and pricing their work, we can give advice on a consultancy basis, develop training and workshop sessions.

Braziliarty does artists bookings for specific works. Currently, we don’t represent artists but we have good and long-term relationships with some artists booking them over the years.



Brazilian original themes for events, working on conception, advice and production for any occasions and scales.

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If you think its time to bring the topical Brazilian vibe into your event, we have organised events in art galleries, penthouses and major public squares. With access to catering, we can secure authentic cuisine with chefs dorm street food to luxury dining. Our Brazilian teams and our event services are available in Europe with a multilingual project manager. All stages of the organisation are available: creation, planning, production and promotion. Our creative team is ready to design the environment to host your experience, book visual artists and performers to your taste.


Discover Brazil through its culture and nature. Tailor-made plans and bookings.

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Braziliarty offers you the chance to experience the arts and culture of Brazil in Brazil. If you are an art collector, curator, museum professional, gallery owner, artist or an academic that feels the urge to discover Brazil in a deeper and richer way, Braziliarty is now bringing the world to Brazil, introducing the arts and culture with an immersive experience, fully supported and guided yet, with the privacy and freedom that every explorer needs.

Braziliarty aims to make your experience Brazil in a unique way, to provide content and connections that can be useful for your personal life or your business, amplifying your perspective about this incredibly culturally rich country.

  • Personal and group tailor-made route designs
  • Travel guides in several languages
  • Curator researcher and guide in several languages
  • Discover Brazilian cultural events & rituals
  • Introduction to artists and studio visits
  • Academic meetings arrangements
  • Experience art events and organisations around the country
  • Stay in exquisite locations or be hosted by Brazilians

“My intention now is to reverse what Braziliarty has been doing during these eight years in Europe, bringing key players in the arts and culture international scene to Brazil. The intention is to create a trip that will fill in their desires of experiencing Brazil and their needs to discover and connect with the Brazilian arts and culture networks.” – Alicia Bastos, Braziliarty Director


Brazilian culture specialist available for panel discussions, moderating and doing talks, interviews and presenting.

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We have been invited by a few media outlets to comment and write about Brazilian arts and culture. We have been in radio and TV, and on social media. We can also produce articles about specific Brazilian culture related topics.

We have presented in stages and hosted talks and we have a network of academic and professional contacts that can also promote the arts and culture of Brazil abroad.