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Tarsila Schubert, VJ Zaria & Belo Monte

Ande D'Elia, Belo Monte documentary, Braziliarty, Tarsila Schubert, VJ Zaria
About This Project

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The visual artists: Tarsila Schubert & VJ Zaria

Tarsila Schubert (1987) is an artist born in Bauru – Brazil. She develops her paintings inspired by music, nature, spirituality, the human mind and the Brazilian life.
Influenced and early encouraged by her father, an art lover – The Self-taught artist moved around the world on a constant search for colors and she was inspired mostly by places in Latin America, the Pantanal and the beaches of Brazil.
Her work is a colorful invitation to the enjoyment of life. Paintings, drawings and murals are a way for the artist to feed her creativity, sometimes playing God, giving life to beings brought from some of her dreams. She currently lives and works in Dubai-UAE.

VJ Zaria


When art appropriates the digital technology, new meanings are possible. From adialogue between the projected image, urban architecture and sound, the technique of Videomapping inspires the imagination and creates the illusion of another reality.The public space gets new meaning.

Vinicius Luz and Edmosh together form one of the strengths of Videomapping in Brazil. With notable projects already submitted by the country, the duo recreates the architecture of the environment to be designed with videographism techniques that combined the techniques of VJ interact perfectly with every detail of the surface.

At the end of last year VJZARIA represented Brazil in Video Mapping Trophy in Paris, the first competition of video mapping, taking second place. Earlier this year made a projection at a festival in Chile, projecting 360-degree with stereoscopic videos and was VJ resident of Movida Club in Dubai – UAE.


The Documentary is about the largest ongoing construction project in Brazil, which is pointing towards an environmental, economic and social disaster.
Belo Monte is a hydroelectric dam that the Brazilian government intends to implement right in the heart of the Amazon, on the Xingu River bend, near the city of Altamira in the Pará state.

The film is directed by André D’Elia and produced by CINEDELIA.

Belo Monte, Announcement of a War has 120 hours filmed throughout 3 expeditions to XIngu, containing testimonials and revealing facts about the work.

We did serious and investigative work listening to the various sides of the issue and it was clear: Belo Monte is being imposed by the government without any dialogue with the Indians and with the rest of society.

More than a film, we want this documentary to be a political act of society, a struggle for access to information and for the right to participate in the decisions of the country.

For this reason, the editing and finalisation of this film were collectively financed by more than 3,429 supporters who are helping to spread information about Belo Monte on the internet.