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Ceará Art walks around Europe

Braziliarty, Narcelio Grud
About This Project
The collective exhibition: Ceará Art walks around Europe

The Ceará Art walks around Europe Project exhibits the works of 16 artists from Ceará state, Brazil, who use different conceptions in their creation process. Linking regionalist and contemporary aspects, it aims to promote local and national artistic production and to take the culture of Ceará to the European continent.

The project has been taken to Europe by Narcélio Grud, its creator and curator.

Check below the names of the 16 artists participating in this project:

1.Narcélio Grud – Visual Artist, Designer, Curator

2.Rafael Limaverde – Illustrator, Xiloprintmaker

3.LeoBDSS – Visual Artist, Designer

4.Weaver Lima – Visual Artist

5.Robézio Marqs – Visual Artist, Researcher

6.Guto Bitu – Drawer, Sculptor, Writer

7.Raíssa Cristina – Visual Artist

8.Emanoel Oliveira – Visual Artist

9.Cris Soares – Visual Artist

10.Bruno Brasil – Visual Artist

11.Henrique Viudez – Visual Artist

12.Franklin Stein – Visual Artist

13.Jabson Rodrigues – Visual Artist

14.Ise Araújo – Visual Artist

15.Maíra Ortiz – Visual Artist, Researcher

16.Simone Barreto – Visual Artist, Researcher

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