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The Calçadão Project

Alicia Bastos, Angélica Coutinho, Brazilian art, Braziliarty, Carolina Hermeto, Christiane Duarte, Clarissa Piveta, Dianna Paes, Felipe Diniz, Felippe da Silva, Henrique Guimarães, Igor Helal, Illustrations, José Henrique, Juliana Amador, London, Lucas Sampaio, Luiz Grillo, Luiz Mauricio Leite, Luiza Macedo, Marcos Sêmola, Mari Guimarães, Mariana Assumpção, Mariana Camata, Mariana Medeiros Bizerra, Paintings, Paula Martins, Samantha Simões, Seven, Suyan Saant’AnnBaptista de Mattos, Tatia ana Gebara, Thays Bittar, Thiago Fusco, Valeria Mesquita, Yeda Zotz
About This Project
The photographic installation project: CALÇADÃO

Braziliality’s 4th Anniversary

4 days of events at Floripa 5th– 8th July as part of the Shoreditch Fringe Festival

In July, Braziliality celebrates its 4th anniversary with four days of events at Floripa. Inspired by Rio, the ‘cidade maravilhosa’ (marvellous city), the celebrations will journey south and culminate in the launch of The Rio Occupations London project at the Battersea Arts Centre.

5th July, Thursday from 6.30pm (£5 until 10pm)

The anniversary exhibition private view followed by the Braziliality Birthday party with music and drinks until late with DJs Mais um Gringo (Mais um Discos), Pe de Jurema band (Alba’s Bday) and Luiz Valente (Vinyl Land Records). At 10.30pm the hottest Open Mic night in London, Jam Tart will take over the stage and invite all great voices and musicians to join the party.


6th July, Friday from 6pm – Dining and Dance

Taste the exclusive Braziliality menu designed in collaboration between Floripa’s chef David Yorkston and the Brazilian Fernando Acea, chef from the Brahma VIP booths in Rio’s Carnival.

7th July, Saturday from 4pm

An outdoor afternoon with a Samba Pongathon. The summer sensation, which has been resident at Rich Mix Arts Centre, has become one of the coolest things to do in London. For the Braziliality anniversary Pongathon comes to Floripa for a special edition with a Brazilian twist with prizes to be won including Abelha Cachaça’s caipirinha. Raul Neto sings and plays guitar before giving way to DJs Larissa Schlei and the tropical funk beats of John Hendicott, creating the vibe of a Brazilian beach. Artists Raphael Franco and Celo Santos will be performing live creating a ‘Christ’ figure in the heart of Shoreditch. Dance into the early hours with more delicious Brazilian food and the sound of Dj Joao Brasil!

8th July, Sunday – screening at 3.30pm

Screening of the film ‘Noel, the village poet’ about one of the biggest names in Brazilian literature and one of the greatest artists from Rio ever. The film had its script written by Pedro Vicente, another Braziliality artist member. After, Braziliality invites people to come to the opening event from The Rio Occupation London at the Battersea Arts Centre.

Created with flickr slideshow.

The Calçadão Project

The ‘Calçadão’ in London is a project in homage to the city that will be hosting the next Olympic Games. We have invited artists, photographers and all Rio lovers to send us black and white images from their favourites spots in Rio, in collaboration with photographers Rio-based Clarissa Piveta and fellow carioca Fernando Barbera, who has lived in London for many years. These images will form a giant mosaic of the typical Ipanema and Copacabana beaches’ promenades.

Many thanks to:
Angélica Coutinho
Carolina Hermeto
Christiane Duarte
Clarissa Piveta
Dianna paes
Felipe Diniz
Henrique Guimarães
Igor Helal
José Henrique de O. Felippe da Silva
Juliana Amador
Lucas Sampaio
Luiz Grillo
Luiz Mauricio Leite
Luiza Macedo
Marcos Sêmola
Mari Guimarães
Mariana Assumpção
Mariana Camata
Mariana Medeiros Bizerra
Paula Martins
Samantha Simões
Suyan Sant’Anna Baptista de Mattos
Tatiana Gebara
Thays Bittar
Thiago Fusco
Valeria Mesquita
Yeda Zotz
Alicia Bastos