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Pedro Vicente, Illustrations, , Paintings, Braziliarty, London, Brazilian art, Brazil
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Pedro Vicente

Brazilian art, Braziliarty, Illustrations, London, Paintings, Pedro Vicente
About This Project
The Visual Artist: PEDRO VICENTE

Born in Brazil and graduated in Drama from São Paulo University, Pedro Vicente has been playwriting for theatre, films and TV for many years. However his original drawings and designs have opened the doors of the world for him. Apart from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, he already had solo shows in Frankfurt and Berlin, Lisbon, NY, and London.

‘Mutante Obliquo’ explores the need to express things that are impossible to be verbalized, inspiring the creation of images in which duality collapses. The pattern and the chaos, the visible and the invisible, the figurative and the abstract harmonize and it all fits together and interpenetrate, celebrating the transcendence of duality.
In a time when the line of horizon is made out of the multiplicity of visual signs that compose a choir of autonomous voices interrelated randomly, the quest of a dynamic dialogue with the everyday imagery intends to disrupt the passive position of the observer, and to invite to the possibility of renewal of subjective experience by reflexive expansion of self-knowledge through resacralization of signs.

As the world transforms, old paradigms dissolve and the future is more and more surprising. “Mutante Obliquo” seeks to bring this experience filtered artistically, with the desire of opening every point of view.

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