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Karin Janssen, Paintings, Braziliarty, London, Brazilian art, Brazil
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Karin Janssen

Brazilian art, Braziliarty, karin janssen, London, Paintings
About This Project

“When does the comfort zone gets so comfortable that it becomes uncomfortable? What protects us sometimes also ends up harming us. “No pain, no gain”.

In fact, the more one manages to experience different realities beyond one’s own, the further one might be able to go nowadays. In this light, Karin Janssen exposes the multiple sides of the individual in her artworks, the conquests and the downfalls of everyday life, the soft and the sharp edges of being.

Originally from the Netherlands, Janssen has already been an artist in residence at Casa das Caldeiras (São Paulo, Brazil) and is currently based in London.
Her drawings and paintings range from small to large sizes, combining smooth sketching with strong oil bar colors on the paper. Although Janssen is the model of her own works, the artist stresses the fact that they are not self-portraits.

She uses her own figure to embody human behavior and sensibility. In this new series of works, the artist stretches the concept of the fine line between pleasure and pain: it is actually a thin line between the body and the mind.”

Fernando AQ Mota – Curator

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