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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Azul Serra, Irineu Nogueira, Choreographer, dancer, Photographer
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Irineu Nogueira

Azul Serra, Brazil, Braziliarty, Choreographer, dancer, Irineu Nogueira, London, Photographer
About This Project
The Chorerographer: Irineu Nogueira

Irineu photographed by Azul Serra, a video of his dance work and a live performance with the music producer Guga live participation from Brazil, we launch of the album Xire Reverb.

One of Brazil’s most talented choreographers and teachers in Afro-Brazilian Dance and Samba, Irineu was born in São Luís, in the state of Maranhão, in the north of Brazil.
A pioneer who became a solid reference within the Brazilian and African rhythms and movements scene, Irineu Nogueira is a wholehearted dancer and teacher who combines genuine passion with a contemporary vision.
For more than 15 years developing his own dance language worldwide (called Abieié, which means regeneration in the Yorùbá language), he experiments with a contemporary form, Brazilian dance styles with expressions of African rhythms.


Turning amateur dancers and average civilians into protagonists of the greatest Carnival parade on earth in a limited period of time has been one of Irineu’s tasks in the past few years.
A follower of the motto: “Anyone can dance, express him or herself and interpret a story”, when choreographing the performance of a “Comissão de Frente”, Irineu not only delivers his unmatchable creativeness and intrepidness – responsible for his “Estandarte de Ouro” award – but also dedicates himself to transform those under his wings into better human beings.

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“I knew Irineu Nogueira for more than 10 years when we used to do musicals in São Paulo. He is extremely professional, and one of the most important and brilliant dancers I’ve ever met. He is a tireless researcher in the development of contemporary dance and the valuation of the legacy of Black culture in Brazil. He appears in my first DVD “When the sky clears,” dancing on stage, with his body preparation work in the concept of scenic movement and body awareness.”

Fabiana Cozza (Brazilian singer)