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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Azul Serra, Cinematographer, Photographer
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Azul Serra

Azul Serra, Brazil, Braziliarty, Cinematographer, London, Photographer
About This Project
The Cinematographer & Photographer: Azul Serra

“Irreversible” brings a personal look on people who are suffering the effects of this hard moment of transformation. Photos taken in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt during the Revolutions that are changing forever the history of Our lives.

Azul Serra has worked on films as a Director of Photography for the past 6 years. He uses his camera and light as instruments, to find new ways to portray stories.

“I try to create a new vision through the use of colours, tonalities, movement and rhythm, so that different worlds emerge, which make us reflect on reality.“

Since 2007, he has been based in London, working as a freelance Director of Photography on many different projects, including feature and short films, documentaries, music videos, corporate films, television shows, advertisements, theatre, installations and performances. Some of these projects have been screened and awarded prizes at international festivals in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Tokyo and Rome.

Over the past three years, he has also directed and edited several projects, given a number of workshops and travelled to many countries, covering news events with an international correspondent for Broadcast TV.After so many different projects, his focus is now on projects that generate greater awareness of our social and enviromental problems, aimed at a wide audience. Azul is collaborating with people and organisations already working in this area, combining skills and making films to be proud of. He aims to tell stories of characters, places and situations which help to open people’s perception and consciousness of the world. Such stories can be told in many different ways: feature films, documentaries, web videos, virals, TV programs and so on. The format isn’t important; it’s the message behind it that counts.

The Arabic Pro Democracy Uprisings, like in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other countries are being led by the new generation; youth is bringing hope for the old demands.

As part of this new generation as well, Azul Serra had the privilege to witness these movements and quickly share his viewpoint with his personal social network. People could merge with him in such an important moment of history, following his impressions, as a consequence of the same Connection and Interaction that allowed the revolutions, both of democracy and communication in the Arabic world.


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