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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Bernard Rangel, Visual Artist
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Bernard Rangel

Bernard Rangel, Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Visual Artist
About This Project
The Visual & Artist: BERNARD RANGEL

“Contemporary Tribal Surrealism is an art genre created in 1989 by Bernard Rangel, a spiritualist, to reflect the Global Village we live in today. Unlike most people, from his birth, he has lived in eight different countries and learnt to speak many different languages. His contemporary style with a surrealist touch of humour was developed to show our similarities and emphasise and appreciate our differences.

The fusion of the different tribal signatures: Indian, Chinese, European, Celtic, Aboriginal, Indigenous South and Central American, Inuit, Malay and others are used to exemplify this reality. The colours and designs engaged are used to enhance creativity and provoke imagination. The paint medium is either in Indian ink, oil or acrylic paint on paper, canvas or ceramics.

Bernard Rangel spent 24 years living in Brazil and found a better way of life there. Born in Aden, South Yemen, and educated in Ireland he set off to sea and worked in off-shore oil exploration. From there he lived in West Berlin and then Hong Kong and later in Switzerland to become a hotel manager. In 1985 he arrived in Brazil. As a self taught professional artist from the age of 15 Bernard has experimented with the different mediums developing a creative and original style that he has named Contemporary Tribal Surrealism.

His work is introspective, shamanic, spiritually driven and has derived from years of painting. To him each medium has its own technical realities lending an imagery which is challenging, creative, cellular and exotic. The fusion of colour is intoxicating, psychedelic and seductive allowing you to venture into the perspective depths of your own imagination. He has exhibited in Ireland, England, Brazil, Italy, Germany, India and the USA. Now based in London’s East End, on Fish Island his purpose is to establish his name and become part of the global art mainstream.

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