Braziliarty | Braziliarty monthly exhibitions in London
Fefa Romanova, Braziliarty, London, Brazilian art, Brazil
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Fefa Romenova

Brazilian art, Braziliarty, Fefa Romanova, London
About This Project

The Sacred Heritage are the drawings made by Fefa Romanova in London. Here she discovered  new techniques and some specific sober colors, different from her previous work made in black and white only.  Fefa’s work tells the story of her personal journey and her wish to visually express her concept about power of communication.  It connects ancient visual inspirations  contrasting with the actual themes  of cultural exchange and social networks. The Sacred Heritage keeps spirituality as a center theme, involving love and freedom stories in the drawings.

Fefa Romanova is a Brazilian born artist haling from the north lands of Brazil. Currently residing and impeccably painting her lavish style of art in the sometimes gloomy and murky concrete mazes of England’s, city of London. Still one of Europe’s top artistic jungles, regardless of it’s weather. Fefa seems to have found a nice little niche where her work seems to breath that unique Fefa originality.

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