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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Saludos Amigos, Robson Cezar
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Saludos Amigos

Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Robson Cezar, Saludos Amigos, Visual art
About This Project
The collective exhibition: SALUDOS AMIGOS – Curated by Robson Cezar

In its second year, Saludos Amigos curated by Robson Cezar, unites London’s Latin American artists for a one night guerrilla exhibition in Bricklane and for one month at Braziliality, with a special selection of works.

In the 1940s, Walt Disney travelled to Rio to make SALUDOS AMIGOS, a pop portrait of Latin America. Now Brazilian artist Robson Cezar is gathering together South American artists here in London to create a new SALUDOS AMIGOS as a contemporary representation of the heterogeneous cultures that comprise the continent today.

With Brazil one of the world’s rising economies and with London as a cultural magnet for Latin American artists ever since Helio Oiticica staged TROPICALIA at the Whitechapel in 1967, the time is ripe to present a selection of the lively work being created by these individuals here and now.

Robson Cezar was responsible for the first SALUDOS AMIGOS that attracted capacity attendances at the Outside World Gallery in Redchurch St and was widely publicised. Building on this success, SALUDOS AMIGOS 2010, this year’s one night guerilla exhibition will be extended with a selection of works coming to Braziliarty at 16mm Deli Café & Screening Room from 11th June until 8th July 2010.



Julieta Hernandez Adame (Mexico) Mexican Assassins
2. Maria Fernanda Carlos (Guatemala) Machete
3.Robson Cezar (Brazil) Splish Splash
4.Mabel Encinas (Mexico) Girl
5.Manuel Munoz G. G. (Mexico) Scissors
6.Francisca P. Manubens (Chile) El Nudo
7.Magdalena Novoa (Chile) Reconstruction, 2010
8.Laura Plancarte (Mexico) Tamara
9.& 10. Master Pascual (Colombia) Way to Town & Se Varó La Chiva
11. Daniela Salvador (Equador) Caricias
12.Otto Schade (Chile) Joker
13.Maria B. Silva (Chile) Life in the Desert
14. Macarena Yanez (Chile) Out of the blue

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