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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Binaca Turner, Multimedia artist
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Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner, Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Multimedia artist, Visual art
About This Project
The Multimedia Artist: Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner is a multimedia artist, holds a BA in ‘Performance Design and Practice’ from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2011, London, UK) and a Master of Arts in “Scenography” from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2013, London, UK).

Her research is on the subjectivity of memory: Is memory material or immaterial? Is memory embedded in objects? – A quest that doesn’t have the intention to be solved but yet to be the source for many artworks.

‘My work explores the documentation of the ephemeral.  I explore the immaterially of an object or a place; the invisible, the subjective, and the unspeakable.

I think of memory as built in the present rather than something from the past; and I am interested in traces and layers as textures of memory and nostalgia.’

SARAY, multimedia installation, 2010

16mm Gallery Soho, London

 The Accidental Festival

The Roundhouse , London

‘Saray‘ is a video installation about the memory process, the memory codes and genetic memory. It relates to our ancestors and how we can feel nostalgic about a place or a moment that we never saw or lived before. I’ve developed this work from a research trip to Sarajevo where my grandmother and great-grandmother were born, and linked my own past with the way our brain storage of long-term and short-term memory.

The exhibition of the work ‘Saray’ consisted not only on the 7 TV’s but also a sound installation which was going on a loop on the same room, headphones connected with one of the TV’s where the audience could hear bits of memories, and also the photographs that I sewed, together with some letters written by my grandmother. The letters were all written in croatian so I couldn’t properly understand what was written, and the address from Sarajevo doesn’t exists anymore after the siege on the 90’s.


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