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Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Pedro Vicente, Visual Art
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Pedro Vicente

Brazil, Braziliarty, London, Pedro Vicente, Visual art
About This Project
The Visual Artist: PEDRO VICENTE

Pedro Vicente Alves Pinto was born in Brazil in 1967, and graduated in Scenic Arts from São Paulo University in 1995. Experienced in set design, acting and playwriting for theatre, movies and TV, as a visual artist he has shown his works in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal.


Woodcuts, drawings and video-art by Pedro Vicente.

3eye Invasion & The Line Music is a creation of the 3eye visual symbol and the record of its spread trough graffiti, guerrilla art and video.

The “stickers” applied close to the symbol around the city represent its perspective of a universe where everything fits and interpenetrates. Fullness and emptiness, pause and continuity, order and chaos, visible and invisible define themselves through dancing lines, transforming space into visual music.

The video shows a pedestrian’s perspective of the symbol drawn in walls, posts, phone boots, bus stops, etc., and images of it being drawn in São Paulo, Lisbon, New York, Prague, Ostrava, Zurich, Basil, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Oslo and London.

Video crew:

Cameras: Pedro Vicente, Anne Senstad, Rosana Martins

Editing: Pedro Vicente, Thomaz Klotel, Azul Serra

3eye Invasion in Progress

Created with flickr slideshow.