This is a story of a rocket pocket size drag queen wannabe, a character created to discuss and raise awareness about a few fundamental global issues. Tupiniqueen is a homage and been inspired by the name of the Brazilian indigenous people  ’Tupiniquim’ who are still existent and were one of the first people to meet [...]

Exhibition dates changed to 2014 and looking for support

Manifest-Action is an exhibition of photographs of the demonstrations that took place in Brazil in June 2013. The exhibition will be crowd-funded and crowd-sourced, which means that entries to send photographs are open to the public, and we ask for the financial support of the public to make this exhibition happen. Manifest-Action will take place [...]


Braziliality Gallery presents: Tarsila Schubert + Belo Monte + VJZARIA

Artworks by Tarsila Schubert + performance by VJZARIA and the screening of the documentary ‘Belo Monte:announcement of a war’


Braziliality 4th Bday – 4 days of party at Floripa

Braziliality 4days events at Floripa 5th- 8th July In July, Braziliality celebrates its 4th anniversary with four days of events at Floripa inspired on great things by Rio, then heading on the Sunday to the launch of The Rio Occupations London project at the Battersea Arts Centre. 5th July, Thursday from 6.30pm ( £5 until [...]

Ainda da tempo! There is still time! Participe do mosaico do Calçadão em Londres!!! Take part in the ‘Calçadão’ project in London

O Braziliality convida todos os amantes da cidade do Rio de Janeiro para nos enviar uma foto preta e branca do Rio para participar do mosaico que o Braziliality vai montar para a exposição de 4 anos de aniversario em Julho de 2012. Em colaboração com os fotografos cariocas Fernando Barberá em Londres e Clarissa Piveta/ Arissas Mulitmedia [...]


ABC Trust Interview


Email reply membership interest

Hello, Many thanks on your interest to become a Brazilality member. We have all the information about memberships on the ‘Membership’ page of the website and see on the bottom of the page you will be able to download the Engagement Terms & Conditions. We advise you to read carefully this important document including the [...]

16mm Deli-Cafe & Screening Room

The 16mm Deli-Café is the reason why Braziliality was created in the first place. I was introduced by a friend to Renan and Claudio, the Brazilian owners of the café, and they told me about their hopes to have a monthly cultural event at the café, utilizing the available space, including the surround sound private [...]