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Art inspired by Pelé in London, a review by Alicia Bastos

Art inspired by Pelé in London, a review by Alicia Bastos

A yellow double decker bus, green grass carpet and so many paparazzi that the impression was that the World Cup was being carried through the doors of Halcyon Gallery in Bond Street. But it was Pelé, the legend himself, who came in London for the opening of ‘Pelé: Art, Life, Football’, an exhibition celebrating his 75th birthday, his many talents and achievements.

Thirteen artists have been invited to produce exclusive artwork inspired by Pelé. The result is a three floor plus across the street galleries filled with a precious collection. Classic photographs of historical moments were simply reproduced, others, put into social context with painting interventions whilst another were finished with the glitzy spirit of glory. Colourful minimal paintings by Canovas are next to and the psychedelic ones created by McAlpine Miller, who mixed American pop culture icons such Walt Disney and superhero logos and Pelé’s images.

There are also limited edition elegant sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, Santiago Montoya’s goal clock, using images from Pele’s personal archive changing every minute. Other names who produced work for the show are Ronnie Wood, Mitch Griffiths,  Russell Young, Raphael Mazzucco to name a few.

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