This is a story of a young man from the countryside of São Paulo state who had a dream a few months ago to fly with his painted birds. So here he is, in his first European tour shooting rays and colours wherever he goes. From a young age Luis Gustavo Martins started drawing what interested him the most – faces, birds and monsters – and inspired by Caravaggio’s realistic observation... Read More


Going to the Venice Biennale for the first time is an experience that requires more than to read as much as you can before, speak to people who have been, plan at least five days in Venice, pack comfortable shoes and stylish wear. After reading a few but particularly one specialised magazine issue about this year’s Biennale, I felt slightly apprehensive. Reading that if I “want to see something... Read More


This year, like never before, Brazil’s presence at the Frieze art week in London was solid and influential. Frieze Art Fair, one of the largest contemporary fairs in the world attract not only high profile collectors, curators and head of institutions on top of the public, it also attracts other art events and fairs to happen during the same week, turning London into an art capital of the world... Read More


The mission to promote the Brazilian culture abroad is complex, many difficulties must be fought with strength of the commitment and an immense pleasure to achieve it. Much respect and admiration to Inffinito for producing the Brazilian Film Festival internationally for the last 17 years. The festival started in Miami and is run by brazilians Adriana Dutra, Cláudia Dutra, Viviane Spinelli and two... Read More


Catherine Petitgas is a highly influential Latin-American art collector, Trustee of the Whitechapel Gallery and former director of Alma Gallery. With her husband Franck Petitgas, they have been involved for years with Tate’s Latin American Acquisition Committee and as Trustees. Catherine, who studied at Courtauld Institute of Art in London, has recently also launched a book on Brazilian Contemporary... Read More


Nothing like a hot Sunday afternoon, a cold beer and an open terrace in the heart of Camden as a setting to interview Renato Rocha. The Actor and Theater Director is working in town this summer, acting in BufoMecanica’s piece for the Shakespeare Festival: Two Roses for Richard III, and as Artistic Director of Dark Side of Love in production at the Roundhouse. Renato is what we call ‘menino do Rio’... Read More


Lya Nagado: Questioning Mortality “The whole magic of beauty is in its mystery” - Schiller* As soon as I saw Lya Nagado’s beautifully executed, but enigmatic, oil paintings ranged around the gallery wall at ICN, I knew I was in the presence of something rather special. Her paintings, whose hues and tones suggest those of the Flemish old masters, have surfaces whose sumptuous velvety... Read More

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Romen Gouveia’s installation, ‘Guilty pleasure … the impossibility of logic’, an electric boutique of colour, charges the debate of how “brands play the roles of deities in our culture, creating our most powerful iconography, building our most utopian monuments, articulating our experience back at us, not religion, not intellectuals, not poets”. (Klein, p.30, 2002) Showcasing at ‘Goldsmiths... Read More

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I arrived at the Globe on the Friday afternoon on time to see Galpao’s truck delivering the costumes and props through the backstage door. The adventure of finding them took me into a journey inside Globe’s staff members. I ended by  meeting the festival’s Director Tom Bird. He was really pleased to have Galpao back  and he was the one who took me, in person, to the technical team of the troupe... Read More


Grupo Galpao’s version of Romeo and Juliet has already been enchanting the world for 20 years. It was first put together by the Group back in Brazil and presented in the historical city of Ouro Preto. Since then, the play travelled  across the country and the world, playing over 270 times until 2003, coming to London, to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in 2000. To celebrate the Shakespeare Globe... Read More


I am not sure about you, but a lot of people I know foster great fantasies about Brazil. The country internationally known for football and samba has now outgrown this fame and is on the map as the 5th economy in the world. Spending few weeks there recently, this time it felt really different. It was the first time in my life that I felt a foreigner in my own country, which has changed significantly... Read More

Into theatre – how to design using the camera as tool Sophisticated use of media entered experimental theatre productions in the 80s, thanks to the great influence of Robert Wilson and Phillip Glass’s ‘Einstein on the beach’. “[Einstein on the beach] is a cultural icon in so far as it crystallises and transcends the experimental trends of all the arts across the board during the 1960s and... Read More