Pelé: Art, Life, Football at Halcyon Gallery 26 Sep 2015 – 18 Oct 2015 © Halcyon Gallery / Press Image A yellow double decker bus, green grass carpet and so many paparazzi that the impression was that the World Cup was being carried through the doors of Halcyon Gallery in Bond Street. But it was Pelé, the legend himself, who came in London for the opening of ‘Pelé: Art, Life, Football’,... Read More


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It has been three years since Flavia Coelho caught Europe’s ears with Bossa Muffin, a contagious blend of funky bossa hop rhythms, acclaimed by critics and applauded by the public in Europe. Mundo Meu, the new album released by Mr. Bongo Recs., keeps the tradition for mixing many references, recalling Brazil’s music, filled with so many African and urban elements, but innovative with the outcome.... Read More


Is there a formula to get over 1 million followers on Instagram in less than four years? Marcelo & Marina are not twins or sing along on a duet, the couple composed by him, a recently former art director and graphic designer and her, a trend researcher, brand specialist and planner, both brewed in the advertising industry. Marcelo had a passion for photographing street art around the streets global... Read More


Pedro was born in a time when Brazilian intellectuals were exiled in Europe. His family,  having a voice within the students’ movements during the military era in Brazil, moved to France, where he was born. Soon after, the family moved to London for a short year and a half and returned to Brazil, where Pedro grew up. When eighteen, his family relocated to London and Pedro learned physical theatre... Read More


Alex Brenner © If you have never been to Argentina, you may dream about the steak that bleeds in the barbecue or the winning moves of Maradona during the golden times of Argentinean football, delicious wine and famous empanadas… Now put together all your fantasies in the mouth, chew it until you can spit and then aim to the national flag. This is how Jorge Costa and Julia have been translating the... Read More


Warming up the Latin community to Casa, Latin American Theatre Festival this year, The Night of Ideas was a kind-of-one-month-before event inspired by the Nuit de la Philosophie, a whole night talk and film screenings concept created by the Ecole Superieure de Philosophie in France and is promoted abroad by the Institut Français. The 12-hour event hosted a full programme within Latin American culture,... Read More


‘Conscientia: Latin American Consciousness’ takes over the entirety of the Lloyds Club, a Grade II listed building with artworks that range from the 18th century to contemporary production. Curators Lavínia Freitas and Alicia Bastos embraced the challenge of displaying pieces within a wide time-frame in an accordingly emblematic building, with a selection that is underpinned by three main realms:... Read More


Nayana’s Fernandez film is about the struggle of the Munduruku Indians to protect their sacred lands against the construction of a series of hydroelectric dams. The Munduruku are about 12 thousand Indians living by the Tapajós river in the Brazilian Amazon. Location of the Tapajós river and where floodings are planned. Source: Film ' Munduruku Indians: Weaving Resistance ” If these... Read More


“One thing is to have an amazing idea, the other is how you make that happen” said Turfed Director Brazilian Renato Rocha as he welcomes me at the Hackney Downs’ door. Some of the challenges of Brazilian’s development have been brought to this 10 months long production. Renato travelled Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya with the Street Children World Cup team, which gave him a broader understating... Read More


In an earlier interview to Braziliality, the great collector of Latin American art, Catherine Petitgas, mentioned that the world of collectors still has much to discover about Brazilian artists. Series in dedicated to the life and work of friend and poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade One such case is the giant painter Yara Tupynambá, typical lady from Minas Gerais in all its senses, from her sympathy... Read More