Braziliarty | About Us
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About Us


Braziliarty is a social enterprise (CIC) committed to promote Brazilian arts and culture, creating events that show case the reality of Brazil.

Between 2008 and 2018, Braziliarty produced almost 60 events in Europe, providing a platform for around 250 artists including festivals, exhibitions, film screenings, talks & debates. We had the pleasure to present in Soho, Camden, Hackney and Shoreditch in London, Liverpool, Austria and Switzerland. We partnered with Science Museum, V&A Museum, Horniman Museum, Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival, Survival International, Amensty International, Brazilika, Art at Lloyds Club, Favela Chic, Floripa, Cachaça Abelha, and many more.

Braziliarty was awarded the best cultural event in the UK by the Brazilian International Press Award in 2012, it was nominated for the Creative Enterprise Awards 2011 by SEE at University of the Arts London and Runner -Up for the best exhibition in 2014 with Conscientia at Lloyds Club at the LUKAS Awards in 2015.

We are constantly looking for alternative ways to promote the culture of Brazil.

Braziliarty is founded by Alicia Bastos. If you are interested to be part of Braziliarty contact us on

Have a Question? Kindly contact us here