Brazilian Street Art at the Brazilian Season of the Horniman Museum

Braziliarty is pleased to work together with the Horniman Museum for the Brazil Season of 2016 bringing three Brazilian street artists to the museum gardens and the Forest Hill area. The exhibition of their work will be in the Museum until the end of the season in September 2016. See the image of the location of the artworks.

Binho Ribeiro, has been in the street art scene since 1984, going into his third decade he is a pioneer in Brazil and have travelled the world painting, becoming a reference of Brazilian street art who influences and mentor many new artists. He has painted and exhibited from Beijing, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Cape Town to name a few and all regions of Brazil.  He has taken part at Graffiti Fine Art in USA and Brasil, an International Biennial GFA, already on the 3rd edition and the launch of his book called “Binho – The International Graffiti Ambassador” by Over the Edge Books, releasing near to the end of 2015. Binho’s studio in São Paulo is also a store selling his streetwear brand 3º Mundo (3rd World), created out of his passion for hip hop and skateboard.

Ananda Nahu, was born in 1985 in Juazeiro, Bahia, painting since 2005. She often creates  portraits of African women and kids and music symbols, using the bright colours of Brazil, blending stencil techniques with diverse materials such as traditional fabrics of the North East of Brazil. Humans are the core of her work, sensitive and delicate to look at, respecting the diverse facets of artistic events in human history, and adding vibrant colours and dynamic forms, giving warmth, life, strength and energy to the composition of her works. Ananda exhibits extensively in Brazil and internationally, passing by America, Holland, Germany, France, UK and having many collectors around the world.

Milo works with organic elements mixing nature, spirituality, music and environment. An artist that works in several surfaces including ceramics, he has designs an elephant, an egg and various walls and buildings in Brazil and Europe.His hypnotic forms wave through his art with an explosion of vibrant and uplifting colours psychedelically weaving life and all beings and the cosmos. He has taken part in important shows such as the Elephant Parade at Sotheby’s, MuTate Britain, Pure Evil Gallery in London, in West Hollywood, US and in Brazil extensively. Milo has returned to Brazil after many years in London and part of his solo work he collaborated with ‘The Local Studio’ team with a showroom space in Vila Madalena, in the heart of São Paulo’s alternative culture.

See also the work of the work of the artist Derlon.

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