Romen Gouveia: ‘Snoitcelfer’ at Coya London 17/9 – 01/12

Present: SNOITCELFER, Romen Gouveia’s solo show

Private View: Wednesday 16th September 2015 – 18:00 – 20:00hrs RSVP: Exhibition: 17th September – December 2015

Address: 118 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NW
Phone:020 7042 7118

Artist talk and more events to be announced soon.

Romen Gouveia is a London based Brazilian visual artist, using assemblage, upholstery and photography techniques to create images with hypnotic embedded forces. At first, the viewer is fooled with the impression that the images were fully digitally created given the impact and vibrancy of colours, geometric shapes and centrifugal organic details.

Copacabana Moon I, 2013 75 x 50 cm C-Type metallic photographic paper mounted on aluminium Ed. 5 + 2AP

The duality of growing up surrounded by flowers in Brazilian gardens and having lived in London for many years, unconsciously influenced Romen to bring a range of contrasting elements into his imagery compositions, which might be seen as the imperative necessity to recreate the sumptuous spontaneity of nature within the architectural rigidity of urban codes. Building and playing with complex installations, he uses a diverse range of media such as mirrors, lights, fabric and plastic, photographing and transposing them over and over until achieving elaborate assemblages. With layers of repetition and the eventual use of projections, Romen has developed a unique technique mixing photography and installations that begin in three dimensions and turn into two dimensions.

‘Flower of life.1’ - series 1 – 2012 75cm x 50cm C Type metallic photographic paper mounted on aluminium. Ed. 5 + 2AP

With an obsession for exuberance, possibly coming from his fashion background and Brazilian upbringing, Romen transcends paper and prints over fabrics, which he brings back to three-dimensional upholstery pieces. A safe and controlled world, unlike the allergens prone environment of Romen’s childhood in the countryside. These mysterious forms attract a closer look such as mandalas do, where the slight asymmetry reveals the human presence instead of the perfection of digitally generated images.

These formal incidents leave much room for interpretation and ambiguity. In the process of absorbing all information contained in these cyber-forms, comes the excitement and expectation of movement, explosions from these fantastic architectural environments like the ‘Large Hadron Collidron’ in carnival mode. As Romen comments: “ the beauty of my work is created by the natural laws of chance”, affirming impossibility of re-creation, even by himself.

‘SNOITCELFER’ showcases key pieces of his series ‘Impossibility of Logic’, ‘Guilty Pleasures’ the awarded piece by The Emerging Artists Awards by Beers ‘Flower of Life’ and recent work. Romen graduated from Goldsmiths College and has exhibited in London and Brazil.

Curator: Alicia Bastos

Production: Braziliarty, Romem Gouveia and Coya London

For more information email: Alicia Bastos

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