This is a story of a rocket pocket size drag queen wannabe, a character created to discuss and raise awareness about a few fundamental global issues. Tupiniqueen is a homage and been inspired by the name of the Brazilian indigenous people  ’Tupiniquim’ who are still existent and were one of the first people to meet the Portugueses when they first arrived in Brazil. Tupiniquim in colloquial portuguese, also means national, sometimes in a pejorative way. Tupiniqueen is the personification of a contradiction, a woman playing drag queen, with the indigenous warrior spirit, fighting for current issues. Tupiniqueen’s Radio Show was an experimental project together with Optical Radio, an online radio station running from a former police station in Deptford, London.  http://www.opticalradio.net/

Here is a brief about the first three shows:

  • ‘Fist Things First’: With a slapping introduction, Tupiniqueen reveals herself and some crazy stories about drags, how to choose your drag name and some drag-like tunes for your afters shower mirror session miming delights. Listen to the show here:
  • Tupiniqueen FIRST SHOW 24/09/2014 by Optical Radio on Mixcloud

  • ‘Get up and vote’: Recorded prior to the last Brazilian presidential election, she tell the story of Brazilian politics and recruit people to get up, dance and vote, playing historical songs that are as political as necessary. Listen to the show here:
  • Tupiniqueen Vol. 2 – 22/10/2014 by Optical Radio on Mixcloud

  • ‘Those things that make you high’: Discloses educational and comical information about legalising, consequences, day after come downs and all those things that make you high, that can make you also cry. Better face it, than to take it on the face.
  • Tupiniqueen 2014-11-09 by Optical Radio on Mixcloud

    At the moment, Tupiniqueen concentrates on two major causes where she dresses up for it:

    Tupiniqueen, The Veggie Queer: Growing seeds of awareness about organics, free form ‘ides’ (pesticides, herbicides and other sickening ides) and no for terminator seeds, PRO home growing, permaculture and tree planting.

    Tupiniqueen, The Apocalypse Rider: Advocating cycling for the so many obvious reasons. Tupiniqueen also took part of the at Emergence Forum discussion programme at Secret Garden Party in 2014, with a performance about consuming organic food and decent seeds.

    See a few images bellow created in a photo shoot in Deptford.

    Creation, production & Costume: Alicia Bastos

    Make up: Ju Ferreira http://www.julesferreiramakeup.com

    Photography: Susana Sanroman http://www.susanasanroman.co.uk/

    Tupiniqueen as The Apocalypse Rider. Photo by Susana Sanroman

    Tupiniqueen as The veggie Queer. Photo by Susana Sanroman

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