Frevo Drop at Brazilica in Liverpool

Brazilica invited the installation Frevo Drop to participate in this year’s festival, bring the Brazilian tradition of Frevo dance into Metquarter in the heart of the city.

Frevo is a typical dance originated in the region of Pernambuco in the xx century. From the word ‘Ferver’ meaning to boil in portuguese, the fast passing energetic dance mix elements of Capoeira and was created of a way to stop the Capoeira groups to fight during Carnival, trying to step ahead of the other groups.

Frevo Drop had a beautiful launch at the Metquarter, with music drinks and a show by the Samba School with dancers and drummers. On the Saturday 20th July, during Carnival day, a Frevo performance will happen during the afternoon in front of the exhibition. on the same day the band Sargento Pimenta will perform at the legendary Cavern and on the streets of Liverpool. Don’t miss it!

To know more about the programme:

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