Braziliality event in Brazil: Talk at Casa Nexo Cultural Space

ALICIA BASTOS are passing by Brazil in cultural research for the realization of future projects and partnerships and she is theĀ  Artistic Director and Curator of Braziliality. The award- winning project was created in London five years ago to promote the Brazilian art and culture abroad. Alicia has over 14 years working in the creative industry and a Masters in project management in the artistic and cultural UAL, London.

The talk will happen at Casa Nexo the new Braziliality partner working on artistic exchanges, the new space in the heart of Sao Paulo.

Casa Nexo Cultural arises with the vision of creating a place of convergence of a diversity of people and knowledge aimed at Arts Culture and Collaborative Sustainability in all its dimensions, then generating a territory of influences from direct contact with the local context and neighborhood, social networks and professionals from other places, cultures and knowledge.

Casa Nexo Cultural opens its doors and windows to content, activities and partnerships that promote the meeting between the search for different complementarity, generating a welcoming environment where the dialogues, art and creative experimentation, learning, resilience comunitaria, environmentally just practices, and new modes of social organization can happen to nourish community collaborative and sustainable practices.

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