Tarsila Schubert

Tarsila Schubert (1987) is an artist born in Bauru – Brazil. She develops her paintings inspired by music, nature, spirituality, the human mind and the Brazilian life. Influenced and early encouraged by her father, an art lover – The Self-taught artist moved around the world on a constant search for colors and she was inspired mostly by places in Latin America, the Pantanal and the beaches of Brazil.

Her work is a colorful invitation to the enjoyment of life. Paintings, drawings and murals are a way for the artist to feed her creativity, sometimes playing God, giving life to beings brought from some of her dreams. She currently lives and works in Dubai-UAE.

She aims to develop projects exploring new possibilities of merging visual languages ​​of different techniques. Joining new visual elements of technology, using techniques of videographism and 3D video mapping, with traditional painting techniques that show the essence and roots of Brazil, thus strengthening the Brazilian culture.


2012- Lpm LIVE p Meeting, ROME italy (special illustration)

2012- group exhibition origens Leonidas Simonetti, , gallery Bauru-sp

2012- group exhibition Clash- São paulo-sp

2011- group exhibition “by amazonica, art without borders” Angelina Messemberg , gallery, Bauru-sp

2011- solo exhibition”National Forum I: VI folklore and culture and folklore festival of Bauru” bauru-sp

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