Seven: Power and Pureness

‘Power and Pureness’, is Seven’s first solo exhibition.

The work is a combination of style and texture which when combined, form a new beauty of their own.

The images are a search for aesthetic perfection and beauty through the distortion of more brutalised forms.

The work considers the fine line between humans and animals, the delicate opulence of contrast and the constant oscillation

of paradoxes between Shadow and Light, Heavy and Light, Black and White, Power and Pure.

Seven questions the irrational imaging overtaking the human rationale; the more we try to escape our origins, the closer we get to our inner roots.

Originally from Sao Paulo, where he graduated in Design, Seven now lives in London, working as a creative/art director

in one of the capital’s leading advertising agencies.

Private view 7th June 2012 from 7pm.

Exhibition until 4th July 2012.

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