The artist that got  Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney Wick on the spotlight of the London street art, has been sharing his designs for over 10 years. The rising popularity of his androgynous stickmen, that manage to portrait so much character and movement in such a minimalistic work, has its presence on streets as well as galleries and exhibitions such as Mutate. Stik has been also been commissioned to create private walls and he has recently worked in national campaigns.

His work is based upon the simple messages of the body language, touching people deeply, with a feeling of understanding the whole message within few seconds of looking at it. Maybe because of his incredible life story from being a homeless to become of the most popular British street artists at the moment, Stik is a dedicated messager through his work, touching the public with free art, giving all of us an insight of humanity.

Image by Viveca Koh

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