Hugo Palotto: Bittersweet

Doce Amargo. (Bittersweet)

Doce Amargo is a photography project, which aims to document the land and the life of those who have helped Brazil to be a world leading in sugarcane production. Sugarcane production in Brazil is dated back to 1532. Since then it has always played a very important role in the Brazilian Economy and Culture, helping the country develop since it arrival.

Also within Doce Amargo is possible to see the work of one of the greatest Brazilian Poets Joao Cabral de Melo Neto. His words will help you through your journey on the sugarcane fields. With This poems combined with Hugo Palotto photographs you will experience the sharp cutting edges and the sweet taste of sugarcane.

“The Idea of this project was initiated in 2008 when I was travelling upcountry in Sao Paulo to visit my relatives. While travelling on the Motorway I came to realize that the only thing I could see was Sugarcane on both sides of the road. I clearly remember from my childhood that cattle were the only thing that could be seen in those fields at that time. I was very impressed that after a few years without going to visit the place where all my family came from , the landscape had been transformed so rapidly. The sea of green Pasture gave place to a sea of green cane, laid out perfectly on the land that once produced coffee grain and cotton seed.” Hugo Palotto

Originally, Hugo is from Brazil but has lived and worked in London since 2003. The various environments in which he has lived have greatly influenced his work, particularly the multicultural and social aspects of each place.

“I feel compelled to portray the social workings of society. I wish to challenge preconceptions, enlighten the viewer and demonstrate the significance of each individual and place. Photography has enabled him to better understand others and himself. In each photograph I take I try to imagine myself in the subjects’ position. I wander how I would be if I had that particular life and how I would react to their experiences.”

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