‘I am Braziliality’ Festival – 3rd Anniversary

Download the catalogue of the event here.

Exhibition: 29th July – 27th August 2011 At Forman’s smokehouse Gallery

Address: Stour Road – Fish Island – Hackney Wick – E3 2Nt London

I am Braziliality showcases the work of over 40 artists and projects exploring critical aspects and aggregated meanings of the Brazilian cultural roots of artists living around the world. The show is about art from and of the streets, bringing graffiti, illustration, graphic design, photography, video art, sculptures, installations and live art and music performances to Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery.

I am Braziliality Art Festival @ Hackney Wicked : 29th – 31st July 2011

At Forman’s smokehouse Gallery and & Parking area

Address: Stour Road – Fish Island – Hackney Wick – E3 2NT London

I am Braziliality is proudly part of Hackney Wicked Art Festival with a weekend full of free live art performances and music. Forman’s Restaurant will be serving a Brazilian menu specially designed for the event and Caipirinhas with Abelha Cachaca and Brazilian Beer.

Admission FREE


29th July Friday 6-11pm

6-9pm: Exhibition private view
6-7pm Alquimix
7-8pm Thiago Duar & live dance performance collaboration between choreographers Irineu Nogueira, Everaldo Pereira and Rafaella Cappai
9-9pm Nuno Deconto

Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu with Caipirinhas made with Abelha Cachaca

9-11pm: Forman’s Bar Dj Larissa and Mura & Vj Duodrome

30th July Saturday 2-7pm

Exhibition open to the public

Hosting the afternoon: Rita Monteiro

1.30-2.30pm Dj Cae Traven & Live collaboration graffiti art
2.30-3.30pm Dj Dalpra & Live collaboration graffiti art

3.30-4pm – Dj Limao
4-5.30pm – Dj D-Vyzor versus Dj. Jerome Hill & Brazil vs England graffiti battle organized by Secret Wars

5.30-6pm Djs Limao
6-7pm Natema Band

Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu

31th July Sunday 2-5pm
Exhibition open to the public

2.30-4pm Panel discussion about Brazilian art and influence around the globe
4-5pm Live performance and intervention of ‘Introducing new species’

Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu in the Forma’s Bar & Restaurant


Graffiti Fine Art

Karin Janssen
Milo Tchais
Narcelio Grud


Azul Serra
Bruno Figueiredo
Daniella Baptista
Rafaela Miranda Rocha

Paintings/ Illustrations / drawings /
Graphic design

ABC Trust
Claudio Luiz Lima
Gabriel Basura
Lucas Faria
Marina Fae
Pedro Vicente

Installations and sculptures

Athos de oliveira
Ben Neumann
Edgar de Camargo
Introducing New species – (Bianca Turner, Raphael Franco, Milo Tchais)


Everaldo Pereira
Irineu Nogueira
Rafella Cappai


Exquisite Corpse Video project coordinator Kika Nicolela
Festival Visual Brasil
Gabriela Dworecki aka Duodromo VJ

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