Adrian Santana Gaarder

Adrian Johan Santana Gaarder, known within Capoeira as Querido de Deus, is a craftsman, artist, musician, and Capoeirista. He studied furniture-making, design and restoration at the Chippendale International School of Furniture, and after graduating in 2009, opened his own workshop in London.

As a student of Mestre Poncianinho, he has become extremely passionate about the music of Capoeira, and the rhythms of the Berimbau. Through this interest in Afro-Brazilian music, he has started producing a variety of different instruments, including Atabaques, Pandeiros and Berimbaus.

Adrian also produces many different artworks, including paintings, drawings and prints. “The artistic dynamic continues to inform his work, and he persistently strives to produce the most astonishing and innovative images for himself and for the numerous people who admire his work.”

“The work of Adrian Santana Gaarder would not be possible without the confluence of styles and traditions which stem from his own unique background, as a son of a Norwegian father and a Brazilian mother. This young artist’s critical eye was born from and nourished on the colours, forms and movements which surrounded him as he grew up, across different countries and continents.”

Along side his art, Adrian also produces a range of different African, and Afro-Brazilian instruments often found in Capoeira. This inculdes Pandeiros, Atabaques, Berimbaus and other instruments.

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