Malin Laila Weidenbusch: In & Outside

Photographer & Video Artist: MALIN LAILA WEIDENBUSCH

Por dentro e Por fora  - In & Outside. From 7th November to 10th December 2008.

Por dentro e por fora – In & Outside is an exhibition that explores the relation of our inside to the outside world through communication. It features the sensitivity of children (Inside) contrasted with their hard living conditions in Brazil (Outside) and a letter from a friend struggling to express his thoughts (Inside) to the observer (Outside).

Malin Laila Weidenbusch is a German born artist based in London since 2005. Her work is predominantly in video, photography and sound and she is currently at Goldsmith College studying for her BA in Fine Arts.

In 2004, Malin spent a year working in a slum (‘favela’) in São Paulo, Brazil. This unforgettable experience was a great influence on Malin’s life and artwork. Her responsibilities within the Monte Azul community included running a kindergarten and a pre-school, as well as monitoring the health and well-being of families with a low standard of living and several psychological problems.

In & Outside portrays children with whom Malin developed a strong relationship, revealing the contrast of their hard reality in a ‘favela’ in Sao Paulo with their childhood innocence, which was blocked out by the fear of expressing themselves through communication. At the same time, while Malin was in Brazil, she received a letter from a close friend showing how difficult it can be to express our deepest feelings.

The film ‘Dungeness’ is based on this letter and it demonstrates that language is a tool for communicating but not for mutual understanding. Malin has exhibited her work at the 1st Spring Art Show, an exhibition organized by Coreana Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, including several young international artists, from April to June 2008; at the Ada Street Gallery, London for a Constructed Continuum Group exhibition in May 2008 and at the Collision Festival in London in September 2008.

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