Bianca Turner: Saray

Private view & Screening: 14th June 2010 - 7pm

The visual artist: BIANCA TURNER

After studying six years of theatre as an actress and three years of Fashion Design (BA – SENAC-SP), Brazilian artist Bianca Turner is currently working in London. She is finishing a degree in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, while working and experimenting with new ideas related to performance, image composition, art, video and design.

Her work is varied because she likes to try all kinds of different medias and possibilities, but primarily she works as an art director and production designer in short and feature films, theatre and live dance performances. Bianca is highly involved with film-making and also creating, filming and editing video art and installation works and set and costume design combined with projection.


Saray is a video installation about the memory process, the memory codes and genetic memory. It relates to our ancestors and how we can feel nostalgic about a place or a moment that we have never seen or lived before. Unifying her abilities as an art director, production designer and also video maker, Bianca Turner developed this work from a research trip to Sarajevo, where her grandmother and great-grandmother were born, and linked her own past with the way our brain stores long-term and short-term memory.

The short film that is going to be screened presents Bianca Turner’s work as a Production Designer and is about a man and a woman, who struggle to get to know each other over the phone. For both of them, the burden of the past is a silent intruder. Over the course of a day, as we observe them and listen to their conversations, it becomes obvious that they have more in common than either realises. As they prepare to meet for the first time, and the true nature of their relationship emerges, their similarity may be what eventually keeps them apart.

This video is from the opening night of the exhibition and includes some images from the screening.

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