Exquisite Corpse


LONDON PREMIERE: Thursday 11th March 2010   7pm – 9.30pm.
The project will be screened on a loop on the Private View evening.
A limited edition project catalogue will be available for sale and to order.
The catalogue includes artists’ profiles and an essay by the Brazilian journalist, art critic and curator Juliana Monachesi.
The exhibition will run until 14th April at 16mm Café and will also include still photographs taken from the videos.

Curated by Alicia Bastos & Alicia Felberbaum.
Exquisite Corpse volume 2 will be exhibited later in 2010.

“Working with art videos can be very isolating. I was feeling the need to exchange ideas with other artists with similar interests. I’m also very curious about other cultures and I believe that the mix of all these people with different backgrounds is what makes the project so rich. “
Kika Nicolela

(ECVP) is an international video collaboration project where 37 artists from 16 countries around the world have created 9 videos with a total running time of 82 minutes. The film has been created by a group of individual and successful artists, many of who have not met previously, responding to an invitation by Kika Nicolela, an award-winning filmmaker from São Paulo, Brazil. Nicolela facilitated the project through the international social networking site for artists, curators and art critics on Artreview.com following discussions on the Video Artists Forum.

The project was inspired by the classic Surrealists’ drawing method of the same name, Cadavre Exquis, in which a paper is folded so that each contributor sees only a small portion of the preceding artist’s work. The ECVP participants created minute-long video art segments in response to the final ten seconds of the previous filmmaker’s work. Each participant was then asked to incorporate these seconds into their piece, creating transitions as they pleased, until everyone’s vision was threaded together into a final “corpse”. In this global experiment, artists have created and enriched the final production with their unique personal style and input, following each others prompt as a source of inspiration.

While working in collaboration, the ECVP group is in search of new modes of expression in the development of video art, building a new concept by utilising the characteristics of participatory platforms and new communication technology. ECVP Volume 1 has been screened in festivals and galleries throughout the world, including Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and the US.

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Interview with ECVP members @ MOMENTemagazine.com:

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