Raphael Franco: Habitat

Private View & Screening: 11th february 2010 at 7pm.
Exhibition: 11th February – 11th March 2010.

The visual artist: RAPHAEL FRANCO

The relationship between human beings and the physical world is a primary concern of Raphael Franco’s work. The construction industry and the uses of different spaces and objects of the city are the main subjects of his study. Although he is profoundly connected to the natural environment, he has lived all his life in big cities (born and raised in São Paulo, where he lived for 22 years until he relocated to London), contributing to his deep affinity with the urban environment. He defines himself as, “a natural tree planted in the concrete jungle; a concrete tree planted in a natural jungle”.

His work involves the production of images and actions that try to communicate a feeling of liberty to the audience, but also to raise consciousness and awareness about the environment that surround us and the way we transform it. His work intends to encourage people to feel more connected to the city, its spaces and the environment (both natural and built ones), exploring its possibilities. He also aims to reflect the limits between the public and private sphere, especially in spaces, objects or buildings that are not in use or are itinerant (such as skips).

Whether in a former factory, a derelict building or a skip, he is interested in the idea of using the materials he finds there. By simply reorganizing the elements in the space, he creates installations that reflect the context in which these objects are inserted. In projects such as the Flat Project, he combines the use of found elements as well as objects that were taken to the building.

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