Marina Fae: 2D Musik

Private View & Screening : 14th January 2010 from 7pm.
Exhibition: 14th January until 10th February 2010.

The visual artist: MARINA FAE

Marina Leão Faé is an ecletic visual artist born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Marina is an art-educator, a graduate from Belas Artes University of São Paulo. She walks the intersection between art and education. Drawer, painter, actress, performer, photographer, bass player, exhibition guide, art teacher in NGOs and public schools. Marina has been through a wide open and continuous creative process, researching several ways and means of expression. In 2007 Marina went to live in the Berlin, Germany. Influenced by the free-minded and vibrant environment of the capital, she goes ahead in the development of shapes to connect and experiment with life. Photography from former and present works were selected to complete this exhibition.

Abstract amoebas and beings, mental maps, emotional landscapes, random rhythms. In her flowing black traces, the meaning is infinite. The organic inspiration of the Art Nouveau is visible in her style and nature is the main reference in essence and shapes. But, equally, the contrast of the urban scenery is an influence – monochromatic, squared, graffited and decadent, moving like a chaotic song. Marina understands that the natural world is what sustains the artificial world; the industrial things are nothing more than the pure nature modified and remodelled. In the midpoint of both realities, nature versus street, arises a vigorous, solid and strangely beautiful graphism, synthesized in some undefining style.

Painting as frozen music…

The short movie is a part of “Awareness” – an independent and pirate project for the development of immersive environments, experimental parties and the poetic of creative chaos. Written by Bia Paiva and played by Marina Faé, the movie is the reality version of an insightful dream the author had. A brief and intense story about self-knowledge: the chaotic process the inner-you suffers in the search for plenitude. A total brainstorm and collapse, until the bright insight of perception and transformation breaks through the door… and then back to the zero point, where the true and pure self essence is aware.

Recorded in the underground labyrinths of Berlin in May 2009.

Written by Bia Paiva
Director: Helge Kubath
Camera and editing: Dennis Hemstedt
Inner-you: Marina Faé
Inner-infant: Maya Paiva
Soundtrack: Fobia
Assistant and catering: Timo Krämer

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