Lucas Faria & Erick Leite

Private View & Screening : 3rd December 2009 from 7pm.
Exhibition: From 3rd December 2009 until 6th january 2010.

The designer: LUCAS FARIA

Born in the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, Lucas Faria had since his childhood expressed interest in the arts and communication through drawings and music.

In 2002, he moved to the capital of the state, Belo Horizonte, and joined FUMEC University where he started his BA in Graphic Design. During this period, Lucas worked in the Maison School of Fine Arts with Glauco Moraes, a great fine artist and gallery curator in Belo Horizonte. Lucas also worked on many freelance and personal projects in collaboration with artists and designers.

In 2006, during his final year in University, Lucas decided to move to London to search for new opportunities to learn and develop his interests. During this period Lucas took part in two internships and worked as a freelancer graphic designer, collaborating in art projects, including Braziliality in 2009, designing the promotional material and now with his first solo exhibition.

Que bossa eh essa? (What is this Bossa?)

The Brazilian postcard is marked by the Christ statue, which guards the city from above with arms spread open, as if offering protection and care. The same postcard was the cradle for the transformation of the samba’s bohemia into modest poetry, sang quietly and elaborately written, played by music geniuses, who, like the Christ above, are full of love to share.

Brazil is a country of strong contrasts, racial, economic and geographic – as well as passion and beauty. Similarly, the Bossa Nova, despite its magnificence, was below the heavens, below Cristo Redentor, and could never be perfect. It only helped all the Cariocas, Brazilians, Americans and the rest of the world forget about the outside margins beyond Ipanema-Copacabana with its seductive love songs. The Tropicalistas arrived to sort the court out, but the charm had already been sung, the Yankees had already drooled, and there was only the empty stage left to start all over again.

The exhibition is an interpretation of the lyrics and poetry from Bossa Nova in a graphic illustrative format, emphasising political metaphors and sarcasm, with aesthetical characteristics influenced by the Brazilian urban landscape and culture. The interpretations are free and not necessarily related to the original concept of the songs, setting the works outside simple translation of the songs.

The film maker: ERIK LEITE

Antes do ultimo tango (Before the Last Tango) short film.

Erick Leite graduated in Portuguese and Literature in Brazil and he studied film at the Free Cinema School. Erick has taken part in academic research projects studying phonetics, phonology and semiotics and is currently researching the relationship of cinema and Freud psychoanalysis. He worked with the Indigenous Films Show, directed and produced the short documentary “Caminho dos Deuses” ( Gods’ Ways) made by the Pataxos tribe screened in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Erick is currently working on the production of two short films and directing and producing his first feature film.

As an English teacher working with the local council, Erick also teaches introduction to film courses to low income kids. Erick is a co-founder of Pingado Filmes production company.

Erick Leite wrote and directed the short film “Antes do Ultimo Tango” (Before the Last Tango) that tells of the last encounter of an old tango singer with his family. A farewell through redemption, forgiveness and love. The film was screened in Brazil and Argentina.

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