Gil Sibin & Festival Visual Brasil

Braziliality in November celebrates the power of culture to move around the world…

From 5th November – 2nd December 2009
Private View & Screening: 5th November from 7pm

The photographer: GIL SIBIN

Gil Sibin has been photographing since the end of the 1970s, but his fascination for the camera began much earlier. When still a child, he inherited his father’s Rolleiflex 6×6. Between 1982 and 1985 he studied photography in São Paulo, Brazil. During this time he participated in the collective exhibition “Tradição e Ruptura” (Tradition and Rupture) at the Biennial Foundation of São Paulo, and was selected for the International Nikon Photography Exhibition (1984/85) in Tokyo, Japan. From 1985 to 1988, inspired in the study of detail, tone and nuance through black and white photography, he developed photographic projects and joined collective exhibitions in the city of São Paulo, where he still lives. In the 90s, photography triggered other passions: architecture, cinema, fine arts and sculpture. At present, the photograph represents a genuine expression and is an essential tool in the manifestation of the art, ever present in his life. In 2008 and 2009 he travelled through countries of five continents, dedicated to the creation of several photographic series such as “Made in China”, currently touring Brazil, “Death and Resurrection” and “Airports: the Waiting Place ”, opening in London in November 2009.

Aiports: The Waiting Place
The “Aiports: The Waiting Place” exhibition is the outcome of photographic impressions captured at these moments of wait and silence, dots of an invisible connection between Brazil and many countries around the world, which redefines time and space, local and global. As my glance reinvents the architecture and the geometry of the airports and translates them into dreamlike and abstract images, new meanings and experiences are revealed, which each observer will be able to enjoy according to his or her sensory-aesthetic references, transposing any idea of nationality or frontier.

The film selection: FESTIVAL VISUAL BRASIL by Ricardo Cancado

Fresh after its sixth edition, the Festival Visual Brasil, Barcelona is bringing to London some of its best videos and electronic images.

The Visual Brazil is a festival of music and electronic images that occurs in the city of Barcelona. It aims to disseminate Brazilian audiovisual production and propose a meeting of cultures.

The festival is important for its dissemination of Brazilian culture and for its cutting-edge productions using new technologies, which push the limits of contemporary art. The festival aims to highlight the quality and diversity of Brazilian production, always looking for work with an innovative and bold vision.

With the help of several cultural centers and local producers, the festival started in 2006 and is now preparing its 7th edition in 2011. Visual Brasil promotes new artists and generates visibility for South American culture abroad. This is an important function that the festival wishes to develop and, to facilitate this, they are looking for new investment by private companies and public institutions.

With an established network able to attract artists of international renown and to draw a sizeable returning audience, the festival has won a reputation for encouraging dialogue between contemporary culture and artistic production.

The festival is a multidisciplinary event that works with multiple languages. It is a unique opportunity to see the most innovative ideas coming out of Brazil and to meet Brazilian artists rarely brought together – even in Brazil.


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