Thomas Allen Harris & Joao Sibin

Private view with free screening of the award-winning film, “That’s my face”, by director Thomas Allen Harris.

1st October 2009 Screenings at 7pm and 8pm

“Passing by Soweto” photography by Joao Sibin

Exhibition from 1st October – 2nd November 2009

This Braziliality edition is about African roots in Brazil, seen from the perspective of a foreigner in Brazil and a Brazilian in Africa.


Thomas Allen Harris is the founder and President of Chimpanzee Productions, a company dedicated to producing unique audio-visual experiences that illuminate the human condition and the search for identity, family and spirituality. Chimpanzee’s innovative and award-winning films have received critical acclaim at international film festivals, including Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, FESPACO, Outfest, Flaherty and Cape Town and have been broadcast on PBS, the Sundance Channel, ARTE, as well as CBC, Swedish broadcasting Network and New Zealand Television. In addition, Mr. Harris’ videos and installations have been featured at prestigious museums and galleries including the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Biennial, Corcoran Gallery, Reina Sophia and London Institute of the Arts. A graduate of Harvard College, Mr. Harris has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards including a United States Artist Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, Rockefeller Fellowship, as well as CPB/PBS and Sundance Directors Fellowships.

Shot entirely on Super 8mm film,” That’s My Face” / “É Minha Cara” follows the spiritual journey of a black queer filmmaker (Harris) searching for the mythic face of Africa in legendary city of Salvador Da Bahia, Brazil. This magical Odyssey moves between the filmmaker’s journey to the “African heart and soul of Brazil” and home movies of the filmmaker’s family as they embraced black power in the 1960s and moved to Tanzania, East Africa. Crossing geographical and temporal boundaries, this evocative and compelling film was shot on three continents over the course of thirty years.

The photographer: JOAO SIBIN

Joao Sibin began his career studying sculpture and ceramics in the U.S. But São Paulo is where he first studied photography, in 2007. His work has always had a strong parallel between images and poetry, as he is also a writer. In 2002 he published his acclaimed book “From Lisbon to Istanbul, my way though an endless world”. In 2004, Joao lived and studied in Italy, where he stayed for two years. Recently, he has been writing for a local newspaper in São Paulo and taking part in several exhibitions.

His exhibition “Passing by Soweto” is an adventure in South Africa, where he experienced being a non-white in an overwhelmingly black neighborhood in Johannesburg. After visiting the Apartheid Museum and spending the day in the Soweto, which it felt to him like a Brazilian slum, Joao had strange and mixed feelings about being a complete foreigner in a place that has given Brazil so much of its multicultural aspects. Joao then compared the prejudices of both countries and its distinctiveness in social exclusion.

“Passing by Soweto” is the result of my brief contact with the reality of people that still feel the presence of an invisible, unwanted wall. Like many others, it still lies there.” Joao Sibin

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