Gabriel Silva & Carina Levitan

Exhibition from 13th August – 2nd September 2009.

Private view: 13th August from 7pm.

The illustrator: GABRIEL SILVA

Gabriel Basura’s interest in art began in Sao Paulo, Brazil were he started painting the city walls as any other graffiti writer.

He studied communication but left his studies unfinished to engage in a more specialist course on creativity at Miami Ad School in Sao Paulo, which eventually led him to Madrid. There, he started his advertising career and drew new influences from a totally different street culture.

While working at Swing Swing Advertising as an art director, he has never stopped working as a freelance illustrator for Spanish and Brazilian agencies and clients, including his worldwide illustration work for CAMPER. He also collaborates with the Brazilian collective Urban Summer, who gave him the opportunity to participate in their first collective show at Galería Pop, one of the best show spaces in Sao Paulo.

This show is titled “BASURA”, the Spanish word for “rubbish”, the opposite of a white canvas. Rubbish has memory, has been to other places, has its own history and Gabiel’s art is to tell every piece’s story in his own particular language: his drawing.

The film maker: CARINA LEVITAN

Codigo de faixa shows the intervention of public space by the artists of the group ‘Mane de Obra’, transforming a zebra crossing into a gigantic barcode in the center of Porto Alegre, Brazil in May 2007.

The local authorities of the city of Porto Alegre considered the art performance a criminal act, while the art community and creative professionals defended it as street art. The artwork was destroyed just after the publication of the image on the cover of a major newspaper, after being ignored by the authorities for 15 days. The police were involved, with an official warrant to find the responsible artists, who refused to reveal their identities, but took responsibility for the act as the group ‘Mane de Obra’, which means ‘Labours from the Building Site’.

Grupo Mané de Obra – Carina Levitan

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