Kika Nicolela

Private view: 12th June 2009 7pm.

Exhibition: 12th June – 8th July 2009.

The video artist: KIKA NICOLELA

“Kika Nicolela is a visual film-maker from Brazil. She graduated in film studies, but her videos are exhibited on the art circuit. The videos that will be screened in both programs in this exhibition stand between the boundaries of the pictoral and the corporal. Her videos make us think about the place we have in the world; what meaning do we seek? Through bodies that inquire, move, dance and glide, there is a mind that doesn’t want to dissolve itself, but that seeks on these videos’ fluidity a final meaning that, as Niezstche once said, dances on the earth’s surface. Her videos have thickness, are made as fabrics, meant to be touched; have texture, density; they seem to be made of cross‐stitch or embroidery. Not only the revealed content is rich in significance, with layers to be unveiled, but also the aesthetic is like a brush at work. We can perceive that the same fingerprint embraces them all: the body, its verses, reverses and knots, its relation to the urban and organic surroundings. Dance and question oneself about being in this world that we inhabit, and which inhabits us. I don’t believe in a God or a Man that does not know how to dance.”

Text from Daniella Samad.

Screening June 12, 2009.

Program 1

PASSENGER (2007, France-Brazil, 05 min.)

Using a low-quality video device, this video was shot from inside a bus, testifying the effect of dusk and rain in the moving blurred landscape.

The colors and shapes formed by the combination of light and movement, slightly distorted by the pixilation and compression inherent to the device used, evoke a unique trip through an imagined land.

NAKED (2008, Brazil, 03 min.)

This video explores the sensual relationship between body and city – the tension between intimacy and public, fragility and empowerment, internal and external.

ECSTASY POEM (2006, Brazil, 03 min.)

Side by side, two faces of the same woman looking at the camera are in slow motion. In one portrait, she’s young, at the peak of her beauty. On the other one, she’s about 60 years old.

The woman is the actress Liv Ullman, acting in two different films by Ingmar Bergman. Time and space are suppressed, and the two portraits seem to be involved in a dialogue.

FLUX (2005, Brazil, 11 min.)

Originally a site-specific video-installation for a 19th century rustic chapel in São Paulo that has been transformed into a contemporary art exhibition space, this single-channel version presents a woman who wanders around, searching for her own vital force.

WINDMAKER (2007, Brazil, 11 min.)

This work attempts to develop an abstract narrative with images and music. It can be seen as a study on the nature of death – or on the death of nature?

Total running time: approximately 33 min.

Program 2

TROPIC OF CAPRICORN (2005, Brazil, 30 min.)

Four transsexuals are brought into a hotel room on the same night. Each trans woman is asked to lie on a bed in an empty room and reveal herself to a camera mounted on the ceiling. As the film progresses, their stories blend, separate and overlap in a collage of multi-coloured images. They share with the camera their fantasies, hopes, questionings and experiences in the streets of São Paulo.

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