Azul Serra: Shadows of Kites

9th April – 8th May 2009

The cinematographer: AZUL SERRA

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Azul Serra graduated in Cinema at FAAP University in Sao Paulo in 2006. With six years of experience specialising in cinematography in Brazil, he was a Director of Photography for several short films and documentaries. His award-winning film ‘Summer’ (International Mostra de Sao Paulo) and others were screened at national and international film festivals: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin (InterFilm), Rome (Rome Independent Film Festival) and Tokyo.

Now based in London, Azul Serra works as a cinematographer for both short and feature films and is currently cameraman for the international correspondent of “SBT Repórter” – a news television show of one of the most respectable channels in Brazil.

His many projects have not only taken him from Brazil to England, but he has also filmed in Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Holland, Spain, USA and Zimbabwe. One of his latest projects was an incredible experience in Bolivia, a documentary about the current context in which Bolivia now lives. For the first time in 500 years, native indigenas hold political power and have started writing a new constitution for the country. Interviewing the President, Evo Morales, the vice-president, ministers, working leaders and opposition, the documentary builds a picture of underdeveloped countries in this century.

Shadows of Kites

The short film ‘Kite’ was filmed in 2007, telling the story of kids living in one of the biggest slums in São Paulo. During the research for the photography, Azul was challenged to find something beautiful in such a harsh environment without been naïve, keeping it all in the frame.  “We tried to avoid the inevitable ‘exotic’ look, when our eyes lunch upon different realities.”

The mix of kids, tough circumstances, old people and suffering brought out something interesting, raw and sensitive.

Shadows of Kites is an expression of beauty, in contrast with a hard reality.

The film ‘Kite’  was screened in the biggest capitals in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro and at the respected international film festival, Interfilm.

Braziliality has the pleasure to screen Kite on the 9th April from 7pm. Free entry.

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