Marco Montie-Soto & Jenny Parma

The filmmaker: MARCO MONTIEL -SOTO

“Sinamaica – Zapara” and “The thing we forgot”

Marco Montiel-Soto, a Venezuelan artist, lives and works in Berlin and Maracaibo. His photography shows cities lost in memories, stories found on the way, eyes crying for loneliness and other past moments.

After he graduated from the School for Photography “Julio Vengoechea” in Maracaibo, he worked as a photojournalist and undertook various artistic projects in Venezuela and made long trips across all Europe.

You can find these very different impressions in his works, which range between magical realism and surrealism. He does not follow a straight line but expands his photography with video, writes symphonies with adiposities and constructs small installations and objects, which he handles with found memories. These compositions are set to his own music, “el Alma dormida.” Since 2000, Marco Montiel-Soto has participated in over 18 exhibitions, both group and solo, in places like Maracaibo, Caracas, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Bruxelles, Berlin and Los Angeles.

The photographer: JENNY PARMA

Jenny Parma studied journalism at La Plata, Argentina, but an anxiety to discover the outside world never left her. One morning she was listening to her favourite radio program and heard: “…London is a fantastic city…” So she decided to leave straight away, knowing that it wouldn’t be a short trip. One month on the streets of London only further confirmed her theories and suspicions. “The world is a jungle full of variety and similarities at the same time…” With a small Kodak camera she tried to capture this variety and the satisfaction that this translates into photos. During several years of travelling around Europe, she decided to stay and live in Barcelona where she studied photography in various schools. Her passion for taking photos began to grow. Eleven years later we find her here in London with her exhibition “Gente da Rua”, an homage to the people of Brazil. ”Gente da Rua” was born out of a journey made by two friends travelling the streets of northern Brazil, selling handmade jewellery to fund their trip. As a result their trip became recreation fused with interaction with local people. It’s a reflection on people who have the ability to enjoy simplicity and wear their smile like a flag. This exhibition is called ‘Brazca’ and these photos are impressions and memories of faces at their best; their true spirit. or

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