Ana Paula Figueiredo & Bruna Abreu

15th January – 12th February 2009

Launch: Thursday 15th January 2009 from 7pm

at 16mm Deli Cafe & Screening Room


Brazilian and passionate to learn, Ana chose London eight years ago to look for a better understanding of different cultures. She has used her experiences and research to communicate her feelings using visual art and music, expressing in particular the transmigration feeling of ‘no place’.

After finishing a Masters degree in Anthropology and Cultural Politics at Goldsmith College and after six months’ research, she created the film/documentary ‘Bardo’ about the experience of Brazilians in London. Ana Paula interviewed over 100 Brazilians living in or dreaming of coming to London.

The result is a combination of powerful music, repetition, slow motion, fast forward editing and images of different clocks around the city. The idea was to put all of this information together to portray the complexity of time and space in the urban transnational London.

The fashion designer: BRUNA ABREU

Bruna Abreu considers fashion to be art.

Ever since she was young, wearing clothes made by her mother, fashion has fascinated her, as she aknowledged how special and beautiful she could feel wearing clothes made with love. This is Bruna’s profession: to use her passion to design functional and fashionable items.

Bruna studied Fashion Design in Brazil for three years, while hand-making her own range of handbags, travelling around the country to show and sell her work.

Recently arrived in London, talented Bruna is living in a fashion house, working in partnership with other young professionals on creative projects, such as fashion illustration for shop windows and the creation of the website Fashion Careers in UK and Brazil with information and images about international fashion design.

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