Roberta Seguro & Felipe Frozza

Exhibition from 7th October until 4th November 2008.

Opening night: Tuesday 7th October from 7pm.

At 16mm Deli Cafe & Screening Room.

Free admission!


Roberta is a fine artist, who has been based in London since 2001.

Her academic background includes Fine Art BA Hons. from FAAP in Brazil and further studies in screen printing at University of Arts, London College of Communication.

Recent exhibitions include Mininas in Brazil 2008, which received international television coverage. Roberta won the Staff Turner Prize at Tate Britain in 2007.

Roberta Segura designed the exhibition “The Window Art” exclusively for Braziliality October. See the Image attached.

You can contact the artist at:    or


Felipe Frozza graduated in International Relations (with two extra years of Journalism studies) at the Catholic University of São Paulo. After receiving his bachelors degree, he decided to use the world of images as a means of expression.

The first exhibition “Photo-Wandering: India Nepal and Morroco” (2002) was a selection of photographs and texts produced in a trip around the three countries with another photographer, now based in Tokyo, Japan, Alexandre Takahashi ( The exhibition took place at the Culture Museum, São Paulo.

In 2004, Felipe co-directed a documentary about the “Children Participatory Budget of São Paulo”, a project that happened in more than 450 public elementary schools of the biggest city in Brazil, dealing with matters of participatory democracy and pedagogical changes in the schools.

He also collaborated with Eduardo Duwe, a Brazilian Journalist who covers Latin America with correspondents from different European TV channels, such as TVE, Arte and the BBC.

Frozza’s video art came after he met a group of art performers in São Paulo and created video pieces for them. Since then, his personal research has been on the interconnections between documentary and video art.

Now living in Berlin, he is collaborating with the documentary production company LavaFilm ( for a documentary about autism “Wrong World”; with the choreographer Tomi Paasonen ( in a video installation and documentary for and about the piece “Hybrid Dislocation”; and with the Italy-based musician Klinid in an audiovisual live performance of the piece “Flaneur”, to be presented at the opening ceremony of  “The Mirror Stage Festival” in Cyprus.

As a VJ, Felipe has already shown his live images for audiences in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Germany.

For Braziliality, Felipe will be showing  “pe_squizo”, “Flaneur and “Lad (Presence/Absence)”, three different moments of his career in different styles of filming and editing!

You can contact the artist at: or

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